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With more than ten years experience, the team at Personal Injury Network connects the victims of personal injury circumstances to guardians and caretakers in their communities.

Specialized Doctors, Lawyers, Chiropractors and other clinicians make up the majority of our network.  The network of immediate support to the injured creates an important pillar of stability during their recovery.

In turn, our members grow their businesses, and consider PI Network an important marketing channel for generating high quality personal injury leads growing their business.

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How Personal Injury Network works for your business

Personal Injury Network: Step by Step

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Key Factors

There are several key factors to consider when evaluating marketing channels for a personal injury guardian business.

We meet these three essential standards in each one of our Personal Injury Network components.

Cost Effective

The primary factor in the success of any personal injury lead channel is to generate cost-effective leads. Personal Injury Network delivers high-quality leads, consistently, so you can grow your business predictably.

Intuitive System

Whether you're a national firm or a solo-practitioner, we make it easy to receive PI leads in your region.
Routing leads, reporting and payments are simple.

HIPAA Compliant

We always respect the privacy of our contacts by complying with all of the laws and regulations pertaining to the sharing of personal information. Rest assured that Personal Injury Network is compliant in every state in which we operate.

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Upcoming Events

Personal Injury Network and it’s members are committed to assisting the community of more than 5,000 Attorneys, Doctors and other clinicians by providing insight into the background and trends in the PI space.  We pride ourselves on producing engaging talks that tell a story that resonates with guardians and caretakers of every profession and ability.

Join us for one of our monthly speaking events that cover a wide range of topics. We regularly attend and speak at industry conferences in addition to private events for our members.

PI Spotlight: Dog bites & Other Animal misc.

  • Starts 5.00 PM
  • Phoenix, Arizona

PI Spotlight: Medical Malpractice Cases

  • Starts 5.00 PM
  • Phoenix, Arizona

PI Spotlight: Auto Accident Cases

  • Starts 5.00 PM
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Stay Safe When Buying Leads: HIPPA & More

  • Starts 5.00 PM
  • Phoenix, Arizona


Chris Marison PhD

Machine Learning Research, Baton Rouge

Greg McNeill Esq.

Attorney, Phoenix

Michael Gaman

Personal Injury Leads Expert, Phoenix

Ellen Nguyenn-Lawrence

Personal Injury Paralegal, Austin

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